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 Astella Baxter

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Character Name: Astella Baxter/Hanako
Alias:  Astella doesn't, but Hanako has a few. 'Lady Of The Lake.'
Apparent Age: 23
Race:  Human(Dread Spirit host, Water element)
Height: 6'0/6'5(Transformed)
Weight: 136/172(transformed)
Gender: Female
Physical Description: k
Astella has a notable figure with long legs, black hair, and red eyes.

For the rest, Picture

Transformed Picture
Known Relatives:
Esme Baxter-Mother, alive

Corey Baxter-deceased

Conner Baxter-older brother, alive
Religion: None
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills, cooking skills. Can use a whip relatively well, magic tricks and slight of hand. Decent amount of knowledge of the magic and supernatural world. Advanced hand to hand, and spear skills(at least when Hanako is at control of the wheel) Singing and dancing.
Abilities:  See racial profile
Alignment: Good
Astell is a entertainer and loves to get the crowd into things,to hype up the main events. It's been a trait since she was small of loving to be the center of attention and keep people entertained and having a good time. Astella is a very friendly and open person otherwise.

Hanako is slightly crazy/quirky but still a good person if not very protective of her own circle.
Powers: See racial profile
Restrictions: Ditto
Special Moves:

Water Tendrils: Creates solid whips of water to hit or grab objects.  It has a max range of fifty feet.

Hydro Trap: A slow moving black ball of water, if it connects, it traps the person inside. Strength is based off her current strength. It will fizzle out after reaching sixty feet.

Hydro Crash: Creates a powerful wave of water to crash against her opponent, has a short range.

Water Walking: It gives her the ability to walk, or run on water surfaces.

Water Trident: Simply put, creates a trident for defense and offense, about as strong as she is.

Potentially more to come

Strength: 2

Speed: 3

Durability: 3

Stamina: 2

Soul: 2

Elemental Energy: 2
Super Moves: Locked for now
Super Forms: None
Class: Supernatural
Weapons and Precious Items: Basic items
Phobias: Spiders
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences:  Bisexual
Occupation: Circus Performer

Astella comes from a long line of Circus performers that at least a good chunk of her family ended up going into the performing arts of some kind, at least on her father's side of things. For her mother it had been more of steady and solid work such as working on cars which they were quite good at. While Astella did end up going more towards her father's path, her older brother ended up becoming a Nobus agent, and a host to a Xilan at that but was prior to them joining.

During one of their trips, the group was attacked by some strange monsters and she was badly wounded. As she laid there helpless and on the cusp of dying, she saw a beautiful woman saying that she could help her survive and not having much of a choice, took it. It healed her, along with transforming to something else to savage the other creatures while the rest retreated. After of course, Astella was knocked out for a good while.

"Hanako" was the beings name, and much like her brother it became apparent she too had bonded with the same matter of being in a twist of irony. That aside, her life for the most part had turned into some form of normal save for having a live in friend who had quirks and a addiction to hot dogs and pop tarts.  Hanako had told them they at the moment could only handle half of her power, which was fine with Astella since she had no interest in a warriors path or fighting like her brother.

She still loves her current job, but part of her wonders if perhaps there could also be other avenues she could pursue as well.
Status: Alive
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Astella Baxter
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