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Sion Reaver
Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: FAQ    FAQ  Empty2013-04-06, 3:01 pm

1. What's the basic story?

Essentially, in this world supernatural, aliens and the like are about as common as dirt. Though to expand on it, this while is a crossover site is also a fusion one. To give a good example of this is the fact demons from the Inuyasha did and continue to exist here, Youkai Academy from Rosario Vampire exist and continue to help with human and Youkai relations.

Kryptonians exist within this world, though are not near extinct and are part of the stronger super powers of the space world. Sayains have scattered from their original planet to Tralbit and currently reforming under their new leader.

Suffice to say, there's a lot of lore for those interested in that sort of thing. It's not required as we're pretty relaxed and easy going. Of course any questions simple ask. Things have naturally been altered if needed so they could fit with the overall setting without changing too much; and you can always create someone who exist outside of Meus Carcus that was brought here.

 Time Line is something of interest as it explains the basics about the setting and the Earth Realm where most people will be at. That and the lore section will be expanding more and more, but its only the mandatory stuff that is required reading.

 Also check out Common Races for the Earth Realm for a starting point.

2. What kind of characters can I play?

Literally about anything. Demons, gods, etc. There's a huge and rich variety of places your character could have come from and even places not exactly listed. As a whole, this Multiverse is no stranger to odd things.

2.B. Is there a list of taken cannons?

Yes. You can find it here. Reservation Link

After a long enough period, it'll be updated to see about members who have vanished off the radar but still have a cannon. It's also a good idea to see what's available to think of plot ideas.

3. What are the basic government and political situation like with all these races and such running around?

Ironically, stable. As stable as something like this can be at any rate though a couple of things to note. In this world, there is a World President who is in charge of the earth realm. The Earth Realm is also allied with Alus(and a few in their circle) along with the Demon Realm. Trade and travel back and forth goes over though earth has gotten a mastery of realm travel, their space travel is a bit behind.

Countries still have their own governments, much like a governor of a city but on a larger scale. The World President's real power comes from in literal global crises. The U.N. was more or less replaced with the World Council. It's function is similar, though on a larger scale.

4. There's a lot to know, do I need to read everything?

Not at all. This world is much like ours but further ahead technologically and lot more diverse. You can go to New York and still expect see the same sights. Go to London see Big Ben, etc. Jump at your leisure, don't be intimidated we don't bite, honest.(Unless you're into that sort of thing, we don't judge)

5. How many characters can I play?

As much as you want and can handle pretty much.

6. How strong can a starter character be?

That really depends on the character(if a cannon) what you had in mind, etc. Basically, its too hard to give a definite. However, most characters average power level wise are between anywhere to 10 to 200 points total. If not sure, feel free to send a PM our way but it should be easier the more you do it like most things.

7. Do I need to use the stats?

No. If you read the bio's, there's both a stat and stat free system. In the later case, we still do ask that you make clear what your character can and can't do.

8 What is the name of this setting?

Meus Carcus, and it was created by the creator deity named Anya. You do not have to be something native here either, though if you have any questions feel free to PM me or other Mods.

9. So about the Demon Realm/Halzara..

First thing to know about it, and this Multiverse in general. 'Demon' is just a very broad racial catergory and demons native within Meus Carcus are not inherently evil. It's a general rule that anything normally isn't but there are exceptions such as tampering and the like.

All demonic life native originated from there, though naturally over time spread to other places. The 'Demon King' is actually primordial power that jumps to host to host, giving them incredible power, the current one is a girl named Miki. Halzara is also run by the Demon Council; though their laws naturally only apply to there.

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Sion Reaver
Sion Reaver

Posts : 7590
Join date : 2010-09-17

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PostSubject: Re: FAQ    FAQ  Empty2013-04-07, 3:52 pm

Getting Started.

If you need a bit of help getting started, that's fine we've all been there and we're here to help. The process is very simple.

1. After signing up, read the rules. The lore and other things is optional.

2. Post your character and wait for approval.

3. Once done, feel free to either make or join a thread. Or if you want to test the water post a idea first on the RPG Think Tank. We recommend posting in the character tracker if you want to help keep up with your threads, assuming you have a lot or just need a friendly reminder.
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