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 Time and Again.

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Time and Again.  Empty
PostSubject: Time and Again.    Time and Again.  Empty2013-11-22, 11:38 pm

Time and Again.  1462189_241421039349320_433360906_n_zpsed338080
"Man, we sure missed out on a lot, huh?"
"Seems that way. Did you find anything out about the Order?"
"Who cares?"
Allen Walker, who hadn't really been feeling up to par lately, turned and glared at the dark haired exorcist to his side. The three were enjoying a rather expensive tourist trap in France even if it was stylized as a Japanese hot springs. The hot water felt nice and relaxing but their troubles continued, which bothered Allen to no end. Kanda, it seemed, wasn't willing to help ease the situation either.
"Shut up, BaKanda." Snapped Allen, shaking his head.
"What was that, Moyashi?" Kanda glared, eyes narrowed.
Lavi meanwhile chuckled nervously. "Calm down, children. Look, we'll figure everything out in the morning. Surely there's records of what happened around here some place."
Kanda sank back into his bath water, still glaring but at nothing in particular. "Che..."
The red head scratched the nape of his neck sheepishly. "Until we get things figured out, can you two not kill each other? I know that's asking a lot from you, Yu~."
Allen snorted as Kanda shot his attention to Lavi. "I swear I will end you, Baka Usagi!" The exorcist growled, ready to fight even in the peaceful springs.
"What a cute nickname, Yu-chan~!" Lavi grinned brightly, teasing him now. Kanda's face flared red but Lavi added quickly; "I bet you care for us, Yu-chan! Now let's hug~!"
"I am NOT hugging you when you're naked, idiot!"
Lavi at this point had lost interest in Kanda. He was looking around curiously, trying to peak through the bushes that lined the spring itself. "Hey, ya' think there's cute girls around?"
Allen glanced up, arching a brow. "Is now really a good time for this--"
"Allen, don't be so dense!" Lavi encouraged, grinning wickedly again. "Don't'cha wanna see some pretty ladies?"
Allen turned red while Kanda snorted again. "If there are girls around, they can most definitely hear your annoying voice, idiot. Which means they can hear you planning to spy on them."
Lavi frowned and rolled his green eye. "You ruin everything..."
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Time and Again.
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