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 Arkay Schneider

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Character Name: Arkay Schneider
Date of Birth: June 18th
Alias: The Invisible
Apparent Age: Mid-late 20s
Origin: SHR-Prime Earth
Race: Human (ESPer)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Arkay Schneider Y7ltPvcl
Known Relatives:
Luke Schneider (Father, Deceased)
Hiroko Amamiya-Schneider (Mother, Deceased)
Sumire Schneider (Sister, Living)
Joseph Schneider (Brother, Living)
Jotaro Schneider (Brother, Living)
Nerine Schneider (Sister, Living)
Believes in gods, but does not worship them
Basic Skills, Domestic Skills, Cooking Skills, College Education, Passable hand-to-hand & firearms skills, Passable vehicle piloting skills
Abilities:  -
Chaotic Good
Arkay is a fun-loving, likable individual, who is extremely dedicated to those whom he holds dear. Flirty and always looking for a good time, he is nonetheless quite honest and up-front about his intentions when it comes to romance, as he wishes to avoid painful misunderstandings and even more painful deceptions.
Dimensional Traveling
Telekinetic Regeneration
Superhuman Physical Abilities
His powers typically require line-of-sight, though clairvoyance does allow for remote effects.
Clairvoyance leaves him somewhat physically vulnerable when being used, since his attention is divided.
Precognition tends to operate as more of a vague short-term danger sense--think Spider-man--though he has gotten medium and long-term precognitive flashes.
Teleportation is limited to small groups and requires them to be touching Arkay.
Dimensional Travel is technically just another application of his teleportation, and it requires a lengthy period of concentration to make use of safely.
Psychometry requires touch and concentration.
Telekinetic regeneration must be consciously activated, though it is very thorough and very quick, able to regenerate large portions of his body in moments as long as his brain is sufficiently intact and he isn't KTFO. However, more extensive regenerations are quite taxing, both mentally and physically.

Strength: Tier 2
Durability: Tier 3
Speed: Tier 8
Soul: Tier 4
Stamina: Tier 3
Psychic: Tier 5
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items:
Pictures of his family and friends.
Being poor (Not necessarily financially)
Losing his family
Oopsie babies
Sexual Preferences:
Bisexual, though he prefers females.
Intergalactic man of mystery/wanderer
Arkay is a visitor from another creation. Back home, he was actually well-known as his Earth's most powerful living ESPer, as well as one of the "Titans" a group of heroes who, in their teens, rose up and averted... well, an apocalypse instigated by one "Queen of the Dark Moon." It's a long story--too long to cover here.
Some time after peace had been wrest from the jaws of oblivion, Arkay.... well, got a severe case of wanderlust and, through a series of self-discoveries about the nature of his powers, he ended up in this reality. He decided to stay, despite returning under his own power being simple, if not exactly easy.
He is something of a vagabond in this world, wandering about doing more benevolent mercenary jobs, consorting with the locals (especially the ladies,) and, eventually, moving onto the next locale, whether that be a new town or a new planet.
He's not famous or well-respected like he was in his old world, but, ultimately, when asked, he says that he has no issues with his current life. He has plenty of excitement, makes friends everywhere he goes, and he has the chance to see, experience, and learn things that are completely novel to others from his world. What's not to love?
Status: Alive

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Seems fine to me. Approved.
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Arkay Schneider
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