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 On the Look Out

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Joseph could say honestly he felt had reached a decent point far as power went. A large reason he had started training were things that had happened to him in the past, what more or less drove him to get stronger. Now that he had reached such a level, there was less drive. It wasn't to say he was naive or ignorant enough to know there was still further heights to reach, just that he had gotten comfortable.

A part of him did wonder what happened to Sarah...he'd have to check on them later..

"Atsuko has the right idea, from what little I know. If Junia thinks the potential coming threats need this kind of thing, I'm all for it." Joseph said.


Junia crossed her arms a bit, thinking. "You remember Julia, correct? It's her. Not only would the training make her a great deal stronger but it give her something else; control. In her human form she has no need to worry about it, but it becomes a problem whenever she transform and fights. It would not only be safer for her, but those around them."

Piccolo and the two goddesses of course would be the only three in this circle who knew who she was talking about.

"There is one more possible other, but you don't know them yet. I'm going have to check in some things, then i'll let you know. The rest attending will be those helping with training, like Sendai, and likely Kusu."
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On the Look Out
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